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Virtual T.R.I.B.E.

Virtual Military Spouse & Caregiver Support Group LUNCH & LEARN

Every Tuesday from October 8th – 29th

12pm – 1pm

Zoom Link will be sent after registering.

Support is crucial for both spouses and caregivers whose loved one is affected by Trauma and PTSD. If you are a spouse or caregiver dealing with the challenges that come with supporting someone impacted by Trauma and PTSD, we want you to know that we are here! Spouses and caregivers often face unique challenges, such as navigating intimacy issues, coping with caregiving fatigue, and dealing with an elevated risk of marital problems compared to relationships unaffected by trauma. The negative effects of trauma can extend beyond the individual directly experiencing it, causing emotional, physical, mental, and even spiritual strain on relationships. Recognizing the profound impact of trauma on the family system is a vital first step in initiating conversations and working towards resolutions that promote healing and support for spouses and caregivers.

  • Provides safe environment to share and connect
  • Get a deeper understanding of stress, trauma & PTSD
  • Access tools to manage your own stress
  • Gain resources and strategies

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