We provide direct services for all veterans from all branches of military service. Your service might be done but your support network from At Ease is right here when you need it.

The Women’s Veterans Support Group was being held at the Veterans Center. Due to renovations and expansion, groups will be moved to the Sienna Francis training room in May until July.

The purpose of the Men’s Trauma Support Group is to allow for the opportunity to share and grow from experiences in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment. This group provides

The practice of meditation reveals inner calm and a deeper familiarity with one’s mind and heart.  Learn techniques to help through stressful moments and build skills to help you live

What is Trauma Sensitive Yoga?
When a person experiences trauma, the memory of it is held not only in the mind but also in the body. Practicing Trauma Sensitive Yoga

At Ease includes peer-to-peer group therapy and support sessions both for veterans and for family members at these locations. In addition to the clinics, At Ease USA has a network