The AEU board undertook a successful strategic planning exercise late 2019 and into 2020.  The strategic directions that came out of the process have helped clarify and solidify our actions to assist our military families to address the complexities caused by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

One of our goals is to establish the Preferred Provider Network (PPN). The development of the PPN will allow AEU to contract with therapists across the state of Nebraska to serve more people and allow quicker access to services. Toward that end, AEU is collaborating with the First Responders Foundation to sublet office space. We are excited to undertake this partnership as many first responders are veterans and this partnership will create a greater awareness for AEU in the community.  AEU has moved into the office located at 10605 Burt Circle in the Old Mill area of Omaha.

COVID-19 has changed how health services including mental health, are now offered. The telehealth model has become the new way of service delivery instead of in-person services. Now more than ever, mental health services are in high demand. AEU has hired a clinical manager who will begin this week!  She will oversee the implementation and growth of the PPN, ensure designated therapists are using best practices, as well as managing, monitor and analyze the outcome data that shows how successful our military families are being impacted by the services provided. In addition to overseeing the activities and outcomes of the PPN, she will also provide telehealth services as needed.

One treatment that will be implemented is the Attention Control Training (ACT) software which will launch by the end of the year.  This software is the product of six years of clinical trials undertaken by At Ease USA in partnership with Creighton University.  We will be doing a soft launch of the website in the coming weeks and training therapists on how to utilize the new treatment tool.

We are excited about the growth of AEU.  As a valued supporter, we wanted you to be aware of all the activities underway!

On behalf of AEU board members and our clients, we appreciate your continued support,

Gail F. Williams. MS. LMHP

At Ease USA supports active military, veterans and their families and loved ones with confidential, research-supported, cost-effective treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


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