At Ease USA Luncheon
Postponed to 2021

At Ease is disappointed to announce that we are postponing the 2020 At Ease luncheon on November 10th.   It was a difficult decision and one that we did not take lightly. Because the event brings approximately 500 people together, we did not feel that we would be able to safely gather that many people given the current pandemic.

Good news though, please save October 20, 2021 on your calendars as General Lori Robinson has agreed to serve as our keynote speaker next year!  We are excited to put our best foot forward for an event that will be even better in a post-Covid world!

Because we have postponed the luncheon, does not mean we are shutting down – just the opposite!  Now, more than ever, mental health services are critical to our military families.  September is National Suicide Awareness month.  At Ease was honored to take part in a 1011 News Facebook Live discussion with Berry Law Firm which aired today.  

Since the beginning of Covid, there has been a 65% increase in calls to the National Mental Illness Helpline.  There is no data on Covid-related suicide rates yet, but At Ease is proactively working to reach those military families struggling with the impact of PTSD during the pandemic.  The isolation caused by quarantining has exacerbated feelings of loneliness, helplessness and anxiety in all of us, but particularly in our veterans.  The financial uncertainty felt by some families has negatively affected many people’s mental health and created new barriers for people already suffering from mental illness.

We are excited to announce that At Ease will collaborate with the First Responders Foundation and share office space beginning this fall.  This space will create an awareness within the first responders community of which many are veterans.  It will also allow At Ease to hire a clinical manager to see patients in person as well as create a robust telehealth program which is so desperately needed at this time.

In addition, At Ease will be launching the Attention Control Software (ACT) application that has been in clinical trials for the last five years.  The trials proved that the ACT software is an effective treatment in adults with a primary diagnosis of PTSD.  The clinical manager will train therapists across the state on the use of this cutting-edge technology and ensure our clients are receiving the best care possible using the most effective treatments available.

So, while we are postponing the luncheon, we continue to expand our services so that we may reach those veterans and their families who may be in crisis.  Roughly 22 veterans commit suicide EVERY day.  For each suicide recorded, there are 25 suicide attempts.  Our work is important!

With your help, we continue to offer mental health services and provide the support system so desperately needed by our veterans struggling with PTSD.  Your donation enables us to honor those who have so bravely served our country.  On behalf of our veterans, thank you for your support!

At Ease USA supports active military, veterans and their families and loved ones with confidential, research-supported, cost-effective treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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At Ease USA currently serves Eastern and Central Nebraska but is expanding services throughout the state in 2021!


New Article Published in the Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma Based on AEU-Funded Trials

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Article Published In Support of Clinical Trials

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